End of day 2

After day 2

Notice chunks out of inside corner support post on left.

Inside view from back door

view from back door showing debris on floor

Attachments Attachments

A pathway had to be shoveled through debris on floor

Bobcat rip off

Kitchen Rip off

End of 5th day

tarps covering open walls adjourning addition

Attachments Attachments

Done Right Contracting used Bobcat to pull old kitchen away from house without disconnecting utilities. Water had to be turned off when lines ripped apart. Still no dumpster.

Damage during tear out

Damaged during tear out

Curtis Winstead and Done Right Contracting LLC used a Bobcat to rip off the old kitchen addition and front porch. No power or water was shut off. No connecting framing or siding was cut before the tear out began. The method pulled siding loose above and beyond the work area, moved the cover off the well and damaged the wall of the well chamber, a beam cantilevered up and broke floor boards in an upstairs bedroom, cracked the concrete porch, tore pieces of wood siding and framing from the original house.

upstairs floor boards broken front porch with floor board breaking beam still hanging

Whole first floor side of house open

August 31, old dining room walls, part of floor and header beam removed due to rot. Curtis Winstead became ill and ambulance had to take him to the hospital. Site was left this way. Only support on that side of house was two basement type adjustable support poles. Husband and son closed everything up with tarps again. Now whole side of house was basically open for animal infiltration!

dinig room wall now also open

Support beams

Showing support beam not supporting the rest of the house, notice 2×4’s just hanging out? Showing correct support beam and post the inspector insisted on. Thank God. We argued with Curtis Winstead of Done Right Contracting LLC for 3 weeks before I told him I was calling a building inspector who asked for my permit number. When I told him Curtis said we didn’t need one he wanted to talk to him. After that Curtis kept bringing up that it was taking longer because I had to have a permit!! We had already pushed him to raise the roof he put on from almost flat to nearly a 4 inch drop in 12 inches. The least amount of drop recommended by shingle manufacturers.

engineered beam supporting weight bearing true 2x4s